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Backstage provides an end-to-end solution of 
Industrial Design and Product Development


Backstage International Ltd. is a state of the art Design and development firm based in Hong Kong and in the GIDC (Guangdong Industrial Design City), China. We offer a full service of Industrial design, new product development and innovation. We also develop our own branded products "designed by Backstage".


It is a complete turnkey Design solution making sure that the integrity of the design intents are also protected at a manufacturing level. We integrate a user-oriented driven approach to create meaningful solutions that drive our international and local clients' business success.


We will be your result-driven partner with strategic experience and geographic location, able to put "hands on" to achieve complex end-to-end projects in a most efficient and controlled way.

The Team

Our team is made of experts in strategic research, innovation, industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing implementation. We have a dedicated, close relationship with our clients, and offer our thorough experience in the electrical, household, power tools and commercial-type appliances, consumer electronics, educational items, lighting, office and car accessories markets, to name a few.


Our Principal

Backstage is headed by our founder, Guillaume SINCE, an award-winning French designer with over 24 years of experience in Hong Kong, but also in Europe and USA. Guillaume was graduated in industrial design from Creapole/ESDI in Paris and combines a westernized design perspective and management values with the reality of manufacturing! He has designed goods which have sold in the millions of units and has expertise in key consumer products categories.

What we do:
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